Dr Tamara Bugembe

Consultant Paediatrician

Hi and welcome to my site. I am a consultant paediatrician with more than 15 years experience looking after children and their families.

I love sharing practical answers to questions on child health and parenting. I have written for several websites, newspapers, magazines and participate in expert panels at parenting events such as The Baby Show London. 

 My main area of expertise is the child's developing brain and associated disorders, but I am passionate about sharing information about all areas of child health. 


Recent Publications

Mother and Baby Magazine

November 2018

Responded to readers questions on infant and toddler sleep problems

Gurgle Magazine

November 2018

Postnatal health problems

Stillbirth: What To Look Out For To Reduce Your Risk - The Voice

October 10th 2018

A description of the early warning signs and steps parents can do to prevent stillbirths. Part of National Baby Loss Awareness Week. http://bit.ly/Voicestillbirth

Mum warns about dangers of babies napping in car seat - Yahoo.com

Aug 22nd 2018

Following the tragic death of an 18 month old in car seat, I shared some information about precautions parents should take when selecting and using car seats

Eva Longoria gets mum-shamed about her baby's chair - Yahoo.com

Aug 21st 2018

Advice on the safe use of baby bouncers for infants. http://bit.ly/YahooBouncers

How to survive the summer holidays, according to the experts – from dealing with children to work and finances - I News

July 7th 2018

Practical advice on screen time and sibling squabbles over the summer holidays. 



Also Published in

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What to do when your baby has a cow’s milk protein allergy, and how to spot the symptoms

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum? Kate Middleton's severe morning sickness explained

Evening Standard 2.png

How to juggle childcare and work during the holidays

Squad Goals: The 5 friends you need in Parenthood

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About Me

Dr Tamara Bugembe

I am a childrens' doctor who enjoys packaging evidence-based advice into practical strategies parents can use to enhance their child's health and development. 
In 2014 I started a niche newborn childcare agency called Helper Bees and focused on promoting advice around newborn care. I have now closed the business but continue to support families through my clinical practice.


"When you learn, teach; when you get,give"

Maya Angelou


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